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She rose as if a flower,
Blossoming in the sunlight.
The beauty poured freely,
She was left in pure delight.
The brilliance shone through,
For a purpose had been found,
It slowly traveled up her,
As if from the ground.
Sweet gentle kindness,
She just needed to grow.
With time, love and tenderness,
She went where the winds flow.
The flower in full bloom,
Took on a whole new light.
As if it had been chosen,
To shine within its light.
A gorgeous vision of love,
The flower swayed in pose,
Now moving swiftly,
Embraced by a rose.

Kathy Des Roches Hopkins
Running through the forest
Blind to whats in front of me.
Anger, bubbling,churning
Bringing me to my  knees
Hawks circling high above,sensing my misery.
No mercy given to the weaker side of me.
I lay down crying,not wanting to go no more.
This journey I did not ask for became my destiny.
A hand reached down and grabbed me.
Pulling me to my feet.
Come child there is something for you to see.
He led me to a pond, a pond of simplicity .
I tell you child. The gift I have given you is the one of determancy
To keep moving forward and help the greater need.
But most of all the greatest give, I give is
For you to

Jennifer York